Snowman Plows

First built by Ed Altheide for his own use, the back mounted snowplow proved to be effective and popular. After his customers encouraged him to market the plow, he founded Snowman Plows to "focus on a product that greatly increases the efficiency of snow removal for commercial contractors".


Since 1996, there have been many improvements made to his original design as well as two additional snow plow models. The first new model was the (07)RS, spreader compatible, model. This plow allows the operator to use the plow with most tailgate or V-box spreaders. The second is the LDA, homeowner snowplow, which attaches to the vehicles’ standard receiver hitch and power angles left and right to position the snow. Because most SUVs and light trucks are not designed to operate a heavy front mounted plow, this plow is a great solution for homeowners wanting to plow their own driveway or long lanes.