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New for 2019-2020!
D-Force™ for DXT

Outfit a New DXT V-Blade with D-FORCE™

  • BOSS’ patented D-Force applies an additional 390 pounds of force at the cutting edge for back dragging.

  • The nitrogen charged accumulator allows the system to maintain the down force longer and more consistently through the plowing operation.

  • BOSS’ D-Force system is designed to adapt to uneven ground and float over ridges and valleys without losing pressure on the cutting edge while back dragging.

  • D-Force is now available for 8’2” and 9’2” DXT V-Blades.

Boss D-Force for DXT V Blade
Boss SK-R 6 Box Plow
SK-R 6 Box Plow

New Rubber Edge Box Plow Model

  • 6’ blade width designed for machines with a skid steer attachment plate and a 1,750 lb ROC and up.

  • Standard articulating shoes made from 3⁄4” AR400.

  • 1.5” thick reversible rubber cutting edge

  • Same low-profile moldboard as the SK-R family for high visibility and easy access to the cab.

  • Bolt-on wings for serviceability and stocking efficiencies.

Forge 2.0 Long Bed

FORGE Family Expansion

  • 2.0 cubic yard capacity.

  • Available in both auger and pintle drivetrains.

  • Easy to fill with standard skid steer buckets

  • Pre-Wet compatible.

  • FORGE 2.0 Long Bed for 1 Ton Trucks and larger with a minimum bed length of 8’.

Boss Forge 2 Long Bed Spreader
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